My InstaLife

I have five Instagram accounts.

Yes, you read that right. 

No, I'm serious... 

One for:

  1. my dog Butters, who is the most human-like corgi you'll ever meet. 
  2. all of my mouth-watering food pics.
  3. the public in hopes of someday becoming instafamous and getting free shit. 
  4. personal where only my non-creepy friends can see. 
  5. previewing all my IG posts on my public account to ensure my gallery flows. (Next level OCD, I know

Not going to lie, I used to feel self-conscious for always posting on Instagram, and just the fact that I have so many accounts makes me look like I have no life. 

But I do have a life, thank you very much. Realistically, I wouldn't have anything to post if I didn't have a life.

My brain is also just wired for categorization. Oh boy, you don't want to know how many notebooks I have for each topic out there:  health, beauty, vocabulary, goals, boyfriend requirements, and so on... Think I'm weird? You'll get used to me.

Someone who can barely keep up with ONE Instagram might be judging the heck out of me and wondering "how can this chick possibly have FIVE?" Well, it's a piece of cake now that you can log into five different accounts simultaneously. Best update ever. I don't know what I'd do if IG ever increased the number beyond what it is now... 

If you think about it, having multiple IG accounts is equivalent to having multiple photo albums. It's like a digital library where I can categorize the various moments on my life. 

Do I want to know what I ate a year from today? Or whatever the heck my dog was doing?