Thoughts That Went Through My Head On My First Day At A New Job...

- Damn, am I really the only Asian?
- Everyone seems pretty smart... 
- I really don't know what's going on....haha
- New MacBook? YAsss!
- Free lunch? YAsss!
- Ok now I'm starting to get what's going on...haha
- Am I asking too many questions?
- Screw it, I'm just going to ask one more
- Do they notice I go to the bathroom a lot?
- My boss is kinda funny... I wonder what he's like when he's mad
- Today is pretty chill... but I don't look forward to next week
- My boss's dog is pretty cute, but Butters is way cuter
 - *First meeting* I'll just keep taking notes and pretend I understand everything
- My co-worker just asked me if I'm ok.. damn it can she tell I'm confused?
- This job might be challenging but I'll get better... Go go Sandee!
- I need to go home and feed Butters but no one's leaving
- Ok finally someone's leaving...
- Sh*t I need to pee again
- I'm just gonna hold it until I go home
- Yes, I survived today *happy tears*