1 Skinny Girl, 5 Meals On The Plane

I may be skinny, but I can eat a lot! That’s why when some people tell me to eat more, I honestly just want to smack their head.

This was the first time I ever booked a connecting flight from Taipei to Los Angeles with Japan Airlines. I was so excited because JAL has the best plane food compared to EVA Air and Cathay Pacific, the two airlines I frequently take. On the occasions when I get to fly Business, I want to maximize the experience.

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Finding Solace In Eslite

Eslite Cafe is my go-to spot when I want time alone to write or a read a book. I usually go to the one near Taipei 101 even though it takes me almost an hour to commute from Shihlin District to Xinyi. If you haven’t heard of Eslite, it is one of the largest bookstore chains in Taiwan (kind of like Barnes and Noble in the US.) 

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Five Unusual Ways To Increase The Mood Of Falling Asleep

I used to think drinking wine could help me fall asleep at night. Don’t get me wrong, if one bottle of Cabernet doesn’t knock me out - two will definitely get the job done. After one glass of wine, I naturally crave another glass. I call it the “thrill of the chase” or no self-control (the latter makes me sound alcoholic).

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Congrats On Your New Match!...Now What? (Part 1: Gentlemen)

In the world of dating, most people are often invested in the notion that playing games is essential to getting a person to notice you. But why go through all that to get someone to like you for who you’re not? Ain't nobody got time for that! So it might seem a bit counter-intuitive that I'm writing a post about what guys can consider doing in the beginning when reaching out to a new online dating match.

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My InstaLife

I have five Instagram accounts.

Yes, you read that right. 

No, I'm serious... 

One for:

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